Rules – T3H ESPORTS | Tournament

T3H ESPORTS Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Rules (PC)

1. Player Requirements

1.1  Only one player from each team is required to register to the site but all players actual Uplay ID must be given in the application.

1.2 All players must be 18+

1.3 Though not a must, we would advise all players to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitch. The more players in the team who have, the higher priority that team has in joining any of our tournaments in cases where there are more team applicants than spaces. Our social media links can be found on our website. If you have done this, please list the Twitch/Youtube usernames of the players and send to any of our Admins or Moderators.

1.4 Players are responsible for their own hardware and internet connection. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues or to substitute a player. If a team can´t play with atleast 4 players then this will be resulted as forfeit. Any downloads or unnecessary programs running in the background which may fluctuate your ping must be turned off. The team may be disqualified for this.

1.5 There are no restrictions on players from different regions, though players must have a ping of no more than 160ms hosted on any EU dedicated servers. This must be a constant ping of over 160ms. Each team may request, once, a new host before a protest is initiated. A protest can only be made before the 5th round has started; unless it can be proven that a player’s ping changed after this period. A minimum of 4 screenshots (showing players ping over 160) over different rounds in the game or video footage will suffice as evidence when making a protest.

1.6 Any modification or changing of the game using external graphics solutions or other 3rd party programs are strictly prohibited and may be punished under paragraph 3.1.

2. Team Requirements

2.1 Teams may enter up to 6 players in any tournament, no more than 6 will be permitted. If a team has a coach or manager who will not be participating in the tournament then they will not count towards your 6 players, though the team’s coach/manager will need to be stated in the team’s application for the tournament.

2.2 A team is only allowed to substitute a player before the match starts. If the match has started, i.e. preparation stage, then those 5 players of a team must play the game till the end. Substitutes may be made in between matches so long as it is before the next match has started.

2.3 Once a team has been submitted, as per their team application (see 1.1 & 2.1), roster changes will not be allowed unless consent is given by the admins of the tournament. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers  without prior consent will result in the team being disqualified. If you believe you have lost a player due to genuine circumstances and require a replacement then please contact one of our Admins. Once a game has started the team cannot change their roster.

3. Cheating

3.1 Cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any cheats, glitches or exploits which are not part of the game, or that give the player an unfair advantage will result in the team being disqualified from the tournament and the player responsible banned from future tournaments and the team will have a one tournament ban. If a team suspects cheating of any kind then they must make a protest and present valid evidence to an admin or moderator. This requires video evidence or screenshots clearly proving cheating. Some of our games will be streamed and so our spectator should be contacted if cheats are suspected in this instance.

When submitting evidence of suspected cheating please state which cheats you believe are being used and the name of the accused player. If the video is unedited then please state the round(s) and time(s) where the cheating occurred.

If the prosecuting team wishes to progress to the next stage after protesting then any evidence must be submitted prior to the next stage starting. If not, the winning team will be pushed up to the next stage.

Any players found guilty of cheating after the start of the next stage or at the end of the tournament will be disqualified from the rest of the current tournament and banned from the next. The player will also be banned from all future tournaments as above. It will result in the forfeit of any prizes which will then be awarded to 2nd place.

4. Tournament Rules

4.1 All team leaders/coaches/managers will be required to enter our Voice server (Discord – before the tournament has started. Here you will be introduced to our Tournament Admins and Moderators who will oversee map and host selection as stated in 4.2 & 4.3.

After the map and host have been selected you will be free to leave unless you wish to keep a representative of your team to speak with any admins or moderators if any problems occur. You may re-enter at any time to request a protest. If teams require a voice server then we will make a private room available for you to use as you please.

4.2 Maps will be selected via the ban map method. This means both teams will ban a map they do not wish to play in turn until there is only one remaining. The remaining map will be the map played.

4.3 Hosts will be selected by the Admins and Moderators based on the brackets of each team i.e. teams bracket will increase each time they play in our tournaments.

4.4 Start times must be within 15 minutes of the both teams finishing their previous match. Both teams require at least 5 players to start the game. If a team does not have 5 players ready to play after 15 minutes of the start time then a protest may be initiated. A screenshot must be shown as evidence along with any messages implying that the opposing team does not have 5 players. Once evidence is submitted, the accused team has 5 minutes to get a 5th player before they are disqualified from the tournament.

4.5 No shows will result in disqualification and a one tournament ban. A team has 15 minutes to show, after this period the opposing team should submit a protest to which the accused team has 5 minutes to appeal. The countdown starts from the moment both teams have progressed to the match, not at the time stated in the match page.

4.6 Forfeit If a contestant chooses to forfeit a match, they will forfeit any prizes and if possible will be replaced by their opponent in the previous round.

4.7 Protests to controversial situations not described by this rulebook occurring during a match requires the team that has spotted it to immediately stop the match and inform an Admin or Moderator. If the team does not stop the match and continues to play, then this will be taken as an acceptance of the terms of the match. Protests must be made immediately or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances. No protests will be entertained once the game has finished unless the protest is in regards to rules under sections 1.2 & 3.1.

4.8 Results are to be presented in our discord server in the designated channel in the form of a screenshot. Both teams should take a screenshot (showing the scoreboard and all players’ names) at the end of the match, where we can see the correct result. If you have a conflict in the score entered then please open a protest so our admin team can review and make a decision. The decision can also mean that both teams are disqualified, if there is not enough proof for either team to be the clear winner. Please enter the total score e.g. 5:2 or 6:5. With overtime, there is a total of 11 rounds that can be played.

4.9 Adding the result is only allowed once the match is finished. Entering a score before the match is finished will be taken as unsportsmanlike behaviour and disqualification of the team. If a team lost a match, it will be automatically closed. If a team adds a score to the match, the opponent has 10 minutes to accept the result or to open a protest ticket. The match will be closed automatically when the time has expired.

4.10 Closed matches will stay closed. No team may raise a protest once the match is closed unless the protest is in regards to sections 1.2 & 3.1 or if a team entered a score incorrectly then they may protest within 10 minutes but must show evidence using a screenshot showing the scoreboard and all players’ names. If the opposing team does not accept within 5 minutes then the match result will be overturned in favour of the evidence provided. No matches will be reopened, the tournament will go on as normal.

5. In-game

5.1 Player drops from the server during a match will require the continuation of the round in which the player dropped (Round starts with the first second of the preparation phase). After completion of the round, the player who disconnected will be allowed to re-join the server. The match is considered “live” when the first round has started. At least 4 players need to remain and the match needs to be played until the match ends. If this isn’t possible due to connection issues, it will be considered as a forfeit and the under manned team will be disqualified.

Every team can re-host the server once in a match. If problems like this appear again, such as a player dropping out when the match has already been re-hosted, the team needs to play the match with the 4 remaining players to its conclusion. Any abuse of this rule will result in disqualification of the team.

If a team leaves the server without informing the opponent, the team risks forfeiting the match. Each user is responsible for his/her own Hardware. It will also been seen as unsportsmanlike behaviour which will result in a one tournament ban.

5.2 Pausing is allowed during the game at any point, but each team only has the right to pause the game once. If a pause has been initiated then the team pausing the game should inform an admin or moderator of the tournament. If a player pauses a game, they must state the reason for the interruption and how long it will approximately take. The game can only be resumed by the team that paused the game and can only be resumed if the opposing team is ready. The pause should not be longer than 10 minutes.

Violation of this rule will be handled as unsportsmanlike behaviour and will result in disqualification from the current tournament and a one tournament ban.

5.3 Unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated in our tournaments. The penalty for this may even be disqualification from our tournaments or a ban from future tournaments, among others. These situations will be taken on a case by case basis and penalties may vary. This means teams are to act in a mature manor and keep some sense of professionalism; both in-game and out of game.

6. Casting

Casting any match is only allowed with an admin agreement. To get an agreement please speak with the tournament admin or moderators or you may contact us via email prior to the tournament –

6.1 Observers are allowed only if both teams agree. Exception to these rules are admins and people that have been given authorization to observe by an admin (e.g. shout casters or streamer). Under no circumstances is a team allowed to play with referees other than those decided by an admin.

Teams should only allow observers they trust. No protests will be entertained after a match has been completed.

6.2 Personal Streaming is allowed if the match is not already being streamed by a t3h representative. If t3h is casting a match, personal streaming is not allowed without an admin agreement. Personal Streaming of a match shown by t3h, without permission from an admin, will lead to the disqualification of the team and a one tournament ban. If it is repeated the same penalty applies but the streamer will be banned from future tournaments. All streams require a minimum of 60 seconds delay.

7. Game settings

Matches have to be played with the following settings:

All matches will be played with 5 players per team. Bo1 for all matches except the Final which will be Bo3

7.1. Settings

Playlist Type: Normal Mode
Server Type: Dedicated Server (any EU)
Voice Chat: Team Only
Time of the Day: Day
HUD Settings: Pro League

7.2. Match Settings

Number of Rounds: 10
Attacker/Defender role swap: 5
Overtime: 3 Rounds
Overtime score difference: 2
Overtime role change: 1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
Attacker Unique Spawn: On
Damage handicap: 100
Friendly fire damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death Replay: Off

7.3. Game Mode: TDM Bomb

Plant duration: 7
Defuse duration: 7
Fuse time: 45
Defuse Carrier Selection: On
Preparation Phase Duration: 45
Action Phase Duration: 180

7.4. Operators

All Operators are allowed, as long as they are available to all players. If an operator is only available to Season Pass holders, it cannot be used.

7.5. Mappool

Club House
Kafe Dostoyevsky


8. Monitor System Status (MOSS)

8.1 MOSS – All players will be required to run Monitor System Status (MOSS) during all games from start to finish of each match; this is a mandatory requirement so no exceptions. If a player is unable to run MOSS then that player will be unable to play any games until they are able to do so.

Players must upload their MOSS file to our Discord server under their assigned text channel. All files must be uploaded within 10 minutes after the end of each match, if not, the opposing team may request a protest. Once a protest is opened the missing files must be uploaded within a further 5 minutes. If the opposing team fails to upload after the protest time has finished then they will forfeit their position in the tournament and will be disqualified.

Incomplete or defective MOSS files will be treated as missing MOSS files and will be subject to rules as above. Manipulating MOSS in any way will be seen as cheating and will result in the disqualification of the team and the player responsible will be banned from further tournaments.

MOSS can be found here:

9. Prizes

9.1 Prizes may be awarded in our tournaments. The prize and quantity of the prize may differ throughout our tournaments and will be stated on each tournament sign up page. Prizes may be flexible and so may be awarded to 1st place only or they may be awarded to 2nd place and 3rd place too. We may give out one or two prizes to randomly selected teams participating in the tournament. Again all details of prizes and the distribution of them will be stated on the sign up page. If a cash prize is awarded then it will be sent to the team via Paypal or direct bank transfer, we will not send cash via post.
Once we notify a team they are eligible for a prize it is their responsibility to inform us of payment details and/or address’s (if tangible prizes are awarded e.g. keyboard and mouse), where each prize is to be sent and how the prizes are to be split, e.g. equally between the 5 players or all to the team manager. We look to send out prizes on the next working day of all details being provided, but we will inform you of any delays. Please allow up to 30 working days for prizes to be delivered.

We will entertain splitting of prizes between each player only if we have details for each player. We require the details of all those who will be sent prizes by the start of the next tournament date, otherwise we will split the prizes equally between those details we do have. If we have not received any details by the next tournament start date then the team will forfeit their prize and the prizes will be rolled over to the next tournament.

We will not entertain complaints of prizes not being awarded after the start of the next tournament date if the above criteria has not been followed.

Admins may have the right to forfeit any prizes at any time if any of the teams have broken the terms of the tournament, namely sections 1.2, 3.1, 6.1, 6.2 and any unsportsmanlike behaviour which is deemed unworthy of any prizes.